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Welcome !

Let's go back to the
birth of Rock n'  Roll & re-experience the days
of the fifties and early sixties. The time Elvis Presley- Buddy Holly and Little Richard had their greatest hits.

When Doo-Wop - the forgotten third of Rock & Roll - was the major influence on the music scene in that wonderful Pre-British Invasion and Motown-soul/pop era.

See what was on the tube and in the news at those Early days of Television when I love Lucy, Margie, You bet your Life - with Groucho Marx - Gunsmoke and Bonanza were on the screen.

Join in and visit our top Jukebox Hall of Fame,
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listen to our late fifties, early sixties, mid- and late sixties programs loaded with music from the time when life was simple and we were young and Happy!


Now Playing On American Sixties Radio!!

Just found your station and I love it. As one who sells hard to find recordings and movies I am not easily impressed. I am also fed up with commercial radio playing the same songs over and over.
One would think the Beatles only had 2 hits Eight Days a Week and Paperback Writer.
Your station is a breathe of fresh air and I will pass the word around.
Thanks to our customers spreading the word about our service we now list over 200,000 Vinyl recordings, CD's, Cassettes,& Music and Concert Videos, and thousands of movies on VHS and
DVD's  Please check our listings frequently as we add and delete hundreds of titles  every 48 hours
and our website will have 2 new features, sale items and highlighting special purchases.
Thank you, Bob  Enjoy the memories

Hi Guys,  I go by the name of Albertjukebox.
You're my number one station. Thanks for the nice job you're doing!!!!  I'm one of the biggest
record colletors in Canada. You can see my site on Ebay and you will realize how much I
appreciate your station. We are best friend even though we've never met.
My web site is:
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