Get your very own custom made real player station skin with over 4000 on- line radio stations and yours on top!
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Get your very own custom made real-  player skin with over
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  Each Skin has been kept very basic to preserve the authentic look and feel of these old radios and jukeboxes. But don't be fooled: Each button acts in it's own rather authentic manner.
Click the buttons or turn the dial and have our Top radiostations and Nostalgic sites pop-up.
With thanks to Philip Nelson for the wonderful pictures at his site:


Steward Warner 'Tombstone'

   The old 1938 Steward-Warner radio also known as tombstone. You can imagine people at those days sitting in front of this beautiful wooden cabinet listening to Jimmy Durante or plays like War of The Worlds from Orson Welles. more..

Telefunken 50's 'Gavotte'

   A wonderful 50's European Telefunken tabletop radio called the Gavotte. Listening to these  radios many Europeans had their first experience with Doowop and Rock n' Roll giants like Elvis and Little Richard. more..

The 'Rhino' Doo-Wop Box

   The DooWop Box a - must have - for each DooWop fan and
listeners of Doowop Jukebox Gold streaming online radio. The Skin comes along with links to online Doowop radios and sites and a link to buy the DooWop box from Rhino. more..
Free Real Jukebox Retro Skins
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Visit Philip Nelson's Antiqueradio site.
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Wurlitzer 1015

   The worldfamous Wurlitzer No. 1015 of 1946. This is probably the most beautiful and by far the most copied Jukebox design ever.
It has fully earned its place in time along with the great car designs and the music of the fifties. A real fifties fan would just about commit murder to get his hands on one.
Well, now you can get your own on your desktop. more..

The 50's Jukebox

   This Jukebox was a free skin just waiting to be updated. The buttons were far too large and needed a make over.
Now you can get this one along with built-in radiostations and links to nostalgic sites. more..

The Real Jukebox

   In order to give visitors to my site a variety of choice I have added a somewhat more modern free style design from George Jones. This jukebox is rather large on the desktop but has a more modern look and feel and lites-up as a nice effect when playing.

Wurlitzer 1700

  The 1954 Wurlitzer Model 1700 Jukebox was the first true 45-rpm Wurlitzer to use the 'Carousel' changer Mechanism specially designed for forty-five rpm records.
This Skin lights up when playing and has numerous selections of radio stations and links built in. 

Seeburg HF100J

  After Seeburg had introduced an industry bombshell with the first jukeboxes that could play both sides of 50 vinyl records, they came up with the HF100 models. These were the first jukeboxes to play 45 rpm records. This skin is of the HF100J from 1955 and does light-up when playing. more..


Wurlitzer 'One More Time'

  The Wurlitzer One More Time jukebox is a faithful 1986 repro- duction of the original Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox from 1948, the most numerous jukebox ever made.
This Skin lights up when playing and also has several selections of radio stations and links built in. Simply hover your mouse over the selection boards and take your pick. more..
Wurlitzer Webpage
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Download these custom made skins for free to listen to your favorite oldies music with an authentic look and feel.
Over 4000 online radio stations built in. In order to play the built-in stations all you need is to have Real player installed.
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- Our skins do NOT work with the newer versions of RP.

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We are not liable for any mishaps or damages that might occur by  the download, install and use of these skins. If you do so it's at your own risk.
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